PlugStar Program

Local Dealerships Get Trained Up on How to Serve EV Shoppers

When people shop for an electric vehicle (EV), they often have lots of questions. For example, what local, state and federal incentives are available? How much do you pay to charge an EV? Where can you charge an EV? What are the different levels of charging?

Dealerships are where people often turn to for answers. To help elevate the EV buying experience in our region, our clean transportation team is partnering with the nonprofit Plug in America to provide training to local EV salespeople.

Through Plug in America's PlugStar program, local dealerships are getting the training they need so their salespeople can provide exceptional customer service. Once salespeople undergo the training, dealerships receive the PlugStar certification.

Click here to see the complete list of local dealerships whose salespeople have graduated from the PlugStar program.

The PlugStar Shopping Assistance
As part of our partnership with Plug in America, customized information about local deals, financial incentives and SDG&E pricing plans for charging EVs is built into 

This website is the equivalent of Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book – specifically designed for EV shoppers. Shoppers can compare cars across cost, range, emissions, popularity, and other factors.

Check out to learn more! We think you will be impressed.

Why Electric Vehicles?
Driving electric has never been easier and more fun. There are now 45 models of EVs to choose from, ranging from sedans and SUVs to coupes and hatchbacks, and more than 19,000 charging plugs available in California. To learn more about the environmental and financial benefits of driving an EV, visit