Public Safety Power Shutoff Checklist

Public Safety Power Shutoffs Preparation Checklist

Public Safety Power Shutoffs Preparation Checklist

Centros de Recursos Comunitarios

SDG&E por Abrir Centros de Recursos Comunitarios para Apoyar a Residentes Afectados por Cortes de Electricidad por Seguridad Pública

Mañana por la mañana (miércoles, 30 de octubre), SDG&E abrirá siete Centros de Recursos Comunitarios y dos Centros de Información Comunitaria para apoyar a residentes que se espera que se vean afectados por apagones debido a cortes de electricidad por seguridad pública. 

Community Resource Center

SDG&E to Open Community Resource Centers to Support Those Affected by Safety Power Shutoffs

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday, Oct. 30), SDG&E will open seven Community Resource Centers and two Community Information Centers to support residents who are expected to be affected by Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

prevent food from spoiling during power outage

Food Safety Tips: Before, During and After a Power Outage

After a power outage, the food in your refrigerator and freezer may or may not be safe to eat. The U.S.

Image of Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Public Safety Power Shutoffs

What is a Public Safety Power Shutoff?

Image of elderly woman in wheel chair

How to Prepare for a Power Outage if You Depend on an Electric Medical Device

As high fire danger brought on by Santa Ana winds raises the possibility Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) in parts of our region, it is important for customers who depend on electric medical devices to have a personal emergency preparedness plan in place.

Emergency Kit

Emergency Preparedness Tips to Help You and Your Family Stay Safe During Fire Season

Historically, October is when our region has experienced some of the worst wildfires, due to the arrival of Santa Ana winds accompanied by hot and dry conditions.

Shut off alerts

Now You Can Receive Power Shutoff Notifications Without an SDG&E Account

Fire season is currently top of mind for everyone in Southern California. As our climate conditions have changed, the traditional idea of a fire "season" has evolved into a year-long battle against stronger, faster wildfires.

SDG&E employees putting together a raised garden bed

Growing a Healthy Future: Garden Build at Ira Harbison Elementary School in National City

We all know that digging in the dirt is great for kids. Time spent outside connects them to nature and means less time indoors or in front of screens. It’s even better when they are also simultaneously learning how to grow food.